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User Defined Features: My List

Flash Code lets you create up to six lists of "specialty" codes. These lists can be viewed at the click of a button for quick reference to a set of codes you use commonly. The list can also be printed for handy reference when you are not near your computer.

Creating a MY LIST item is simple:
• Find a code (either diagnosis or treatment)
• Click the checkmark next to the specialty designation (listed just right of the description)

      -If the checkmark is white, the code is NOT included on the list

      -If the checkmark is black, the code is INCLUDED on the list

      -Clicking on the checkmark causes it to toggle between white and black

• Click the [My List] button to view the entire list of codes you have created

NOTE: Selecting a specialty does not limit your Flash Code searches to that specialty. The intent of this feature is to allow you to make lists of "favorite" codes to quickly access and review.


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