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Search Function Overview

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The Flash Code SEARCH Element

The SEARCH element lets you tell Flash Code what you want to search for and where to find it.

Searching is simple - yet sophisticated. You can search by:
• Number
• Whole or partial words
• Abbreviations


Flash Code can search three ways:


      -For a number or word that is part of the official code description

      -Within a supportive table - such as the ICD Aphabetical Index or HCPCS Drug Table

2) ENHANCED SEARCH - a search of the code number and official description that also includes:

     -Additional descriptions (short and medium)

     -Terms from the Alphabetical Index

     -Entries from supportive files (ICD Table of Neoplasms, HCPCS Table of Drugs, etc)

     -Abbreviations and Eponyms

     -Synonyms and common terms

NOTE: ENHANCED is the default setting for the ICD, CPT, and HCPCS CODES book spines

3) QUICK START SEARCH - Starting an ICD code search with "QS " provides a shortened list of DIAGNOSIS codes for search terms that would otherwise result in a large number of records, especially if the term encompasses an entire disease category.


          -QS diabetes

          -QS hypertension

Or when the search terms are not included in any of the official descriptions or supportive tables and would otherwise find too many or no codes at all.


          -QS ear infection

          -QS flu shot

We are constantly working to include terms that will provide better search results for you.

Each of the code search types (FOCUSED, ENHANCED, QUICK START) have additional instructional text and examples listed on their Subtopic page.


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