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Your Flash Code Welcome Page

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The Core Elements of the Flash Code Navigation Bar

NAVIGATE to the codes:

Click the bookshelf to view chapter headings (ICD, CPT, or HCPCS).

Click any of the bookspines to view a section of the codes (ICD INDEX, HCPCS DRUGS)

VALIDATE codes you have saved or entered:

Codes you copy or add to the ENTRY screen are saved into the Flash Code Clipboard. They can be validated for billing for ICD code specificity, unbundling edits, and medical necessity.


Search by number, whole or partial word, synonyms, abbreviations or any combination of these search items.

General Information

The Welcome screen will reflect the following:

• Name of the licensed user

• Module purchased, along with the date the subscription expires

• List of data tables and their version by date and quarter

Setting Preferences

Preferences may be set for the following content:

• Location where fees are provided (affects RBRVS, LAB, DME)

• Local Coverage Determinations (sets your location for medical necessity codes)

• User Specialty (for creating a list of favorite ICD and CPT/HCPCS codes)


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