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Logging In to - and - Out of Flash Code

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Logging In
Logging Out

LOGIN: There are two ways to login:

1) Manually - by visting www.flashcode.com and clicking the Login button that is located under the "Access Our Software" in the left hand column of any page at the site. You will need to enter your user name and password, both of which are case sensitive.

2) Automatically - via Single Sign On (SSO) which is a form of "hidden handshake" between:

-Your corporate or vendor software and

-Flash Code's Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML)


LOGOUT: There are two steps to manually logging out:

1) Click the Flash Code logo in the upper left corner of each screen. This will return you to the Welcome Page.

2) Click the Logout button. A confirmation screen will appear to assure you that you have safely logged out. When you are ready to log back in, click the OK button or return to www.flashcode.com

Although all Flash Code sessions automatically end after four hours of inactivity, it is important to logout safely as cached pages may trigger an error message when attempting to resume activity.




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