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CPT Code Extras

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The location of the CPT Code Extras in the CPT CODES record

The Code Extras space displays the following information:

Code Change: This indicates the type of change (New, Revised, or Deleted) and the two integer year the change took place. Examples:

N12 - New code for 2012

R11 - Revised code for 2012

D09 - Deleted code for 2009

Pricing Modifiers: Some codes are listed several times, but with different modifiers. These modifiers change the code fee (Example: Professional component [-26] and Technical component [-TC] are listed with their altered fees)

Summary Symbols: Three symbols mark codes with added information

-Add-on codes

-Conscious Sedation

-51 modifier exempt (Multiple Procedures)

Click on the Code Extras space to view:

-The code history, including revision of text

-Descriptive information for each of the Summary Symbols

-Buttons that perform special finds (Examples: find all New codes for the current year, find all codes that include conscious sedation, find all technical component codes [-TC])


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