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CPT and HCPCS Alphabetical Index

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The location of the alphabetical index on the CPT Bookshelf

The index includes both CPT and HCPCS codes in order to allow simultaneous searching. There are over 31,000 of the following items:

-MAIN TERMS - such as "Repair", "Jejunostomy", or "Ultrasound"

-SUBTERMS - which may expand the main term to help point the user to a more complete procedure or supply code. (Examples: "Repair, bladder" or "Jejunostomy, laparoscopic")

-Cross References between Index Entries. These are listed as links to the right of an entry term and begin with the text "see" or "see also".


Most Main and Subterms contain a code link that, when clicked, will transfer the user to the CPT/HCPCS CODES section. This will display the full description of the linked code, along with any supportive information that can help you during the code selection process.


Cross reference link entries will transfer you to another location within the alphabetical index where other main and subterms may be useful to review.


Cross reference text entries (not linked) indicate that a main or subterm may also be associated with a general category of terms or other accessory table (such as the table of drugs and chemicals).


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