Your Flash Code Welcome Page

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The Structure of the Welcome Page
Top: Banner
Middle: Element Bar
Bottom: Content Box


A header found at the top of each page that contains:

     The Flash Code logo and version number

     Today's day/date

     OPTIONS link for setting Preferences & managing Passwords

     LOGOUT link to safely exit the program


Provides the user interactive ELEMENTS for finding and analyzing codes:

     SEARCH -Search by number, whole or partial word, synonyms, abbreviations

     NAVIGATE - provides access to codes as though paging through a book

     ANALYZE - reviews sets of codes you save for basic compliance edits


Displays relevant information associated with SEARCH, NAVIGATE and ANALYZE elements:


     Alphabetical Indexes

     Tables for Drugs and Chemicals, Neoplasms

     Compliance edits such as unbundling and medical necessity

     Fee details



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