The information and images listed below will be implemented on February 4th, 2017 for Flash Code Solutions Public WEB Subscribers. Enterprise customers will receive internal memos regarding update timing for this feature:

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The Flash Code SEARCH Element has three components

     -Search Bar

     -History Box

     -Search Result Display Buttons

The SEARCH BAR is at the top of the search element. Search Location text is displayed in gray and denotes where the search will be performed.

Clicking on any of the Search Location text will replace it with a cursor. Type search terms and press ENTER or click the search icon to perform the search.

Click the disclosure arrow to view other Search Locations, such as alphabetical indexes and tables.

Select the "Value list and Search Options..." list item to include other code sets and view advanced search options.

The HISTORY BOX show the terms most recently searched for. Click the term to place it back into the Search Bar, where you can search again or modify the terms previously used.

Click the "Hx..." link to view search history.

The RESULTS DISPLAY BUTTONS toggle between the available search results

 Click the Expanded button to view codes that match search terms based on a search of:

     -code and description, alphabetical index, table of Drugs /Chem, Neoplasms

 Click the Focused button to view codes that match search terms based on a search of:

     -code and description

Click the QuickStart button to view a collapsed set of ICD codes. This is especially helpful when a search results in hundreds of codes (thousands even - for Ortho)


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