Search Options Overview

The information and images listed below will be implemented on February 4th, 2017 for Flash Code Solutions WEB Public Subscribers. Enterprise customers will receive internal memos regarding update timing for this feature:

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Options associated with the Flash Code SEARCH Element

SEARCH OPTIONS are accessible by clicking the disclosure arrow in the Search Bar, then selecting the last item on the list: "Value list and Search Options".

Options include:
• Including or excluding available Diagnosis and Treatment code sets in searches
• Including or excluding subterms when searching Alphabetical Indexes

• Including personal notes in searches
• Changing Search Location when navigating to new


The Search Option Value list will be updated to include your code set selections once you click "DONE"

NOTE: The default settings for "Search Diagnosis & Treatment Codes" is:

ICD-10-CM Diagnosis and CPT/HCPCS/DENTAL Treatment code sets


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