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Flash Code Solutions, LLC has technical support staff available by phone to assist you with questions regarding the optimal use of Flash Code. You can schedule a walk-through of the program by calling 800.711.7873. The walk-through can be set up as a comprehensive tour of the program or customized to your specific needs or interests. There is no obligation to purchase.

The Flash Code software HELP pages are available for viewing online.
These pages include a description, along with screen shots, of each of the features found within Flash Code NextGeneration.

To access the Flash Code DESKTOP or WEB  Tutorial, Click Here...

The preference settings for Local Coverage Determinations (LCD) are listed by carrier number. Many users are not familiar with their carrier number. We have created a document that matches your geographic location to the applicable carrier number. This allows you to see which treatment codes require an ICD medical necessity code prior to performing the treatment.
To see this list of carriers-to-location, Click Here...
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