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Medical Coding and Compliance Solutions, LLC (MCCS) was established in 2001 when DBL Enterprises, creators of Flash Code, the nation's highest ranked electronic coding software and Practice Management Information Corporation (PMIC), the

nation's leading independent publisher of medical coding, reimbursement and practice management books, merged DBL into a new company with PMIC as the managing partner.

The merger creates an opportunity for MCCS to provide sophisticated electronic coding and compliance solutions to the health care industry. From the physician checking for medical necessity codes at the point of care, to the insurance manager validating diagnosis codes, or the benefits analyst reviewing health insurance claims for correct coding initiative compliance, MCCS provides a solution to facilitate the process. The partnership with PMIC provides MCCS with access to PMIC's large and established customer base, as well as inclusion in PMIC's catalogs, internet sites, and field sales programs. MCCS customers can easily link to PMIC's website to purchase other coding and compliance publications.

The Flash Code software program was developed by Karlen Bailie, M.D. in 1995 to be used as a tool in his busy Urgent Care practice. After demonstrating the program to his colleagues, the demand for the program resulted in his founding DBL Enterprises to develop and market the product. As a result, Flash Code is now used by thousands of medical offices, hospitals, and third party payers for comprehensive coding and compliance management and has been rated the #1 electronic coding software by Medical Software Reviews.

PMIC, founded by James B. Davis in 1986, has been the nation's leading independent publisher of medical coding, reimbursement and practice management books since 1989. The company is known for innovation, high quality publications and excellent customer service. PMIC's products have become the industry standard for the medical coding and compliance publishing industry.

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