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Flash Code LEGACY to NextGen Transition
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On April 1st, 2017, (extended from January 1, 2017) LEGACY will be replaced by NextGen. This means the login page for LEGACY will no longer be available. NextGen access is ready now.


Flash Code™ LEGACY has been our primary software since 2001.

New features have been added over the past 15 years and the code, fee, and compliance data has been kept up-to-date.


Flash Code™ NextGen represents our latest software. It has been available since October 2014, one year prior to the ICD-10 transition.

In addition to LEGACY features, it contains a newer look and more features.


NextGen and LEGACY are currently both available via different login pages

LEGACY users can access NextGen by clicking a button that is found on each screen in LEGACY.

Links from the LEGACY Login page and buttons within the LEGACY application will allow users to connect to NextGen until the transition date.

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