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Fast, Simple, Accurate, and Painless Coding!
MCCS LLC a division of PMIC
Free ICD Coding

These data files import easily into most software.

List price is for a single user - Multi-user pricing is available.

Single user price of $199.95

Includes all CPT and HCPCS codes (procedure and supply)

•Five fields of information:

------Code number

------Official short and long descriptions

------Fee based on LAB, DME, or RBRVS by your geographic region (GPCI)

•Additional fields available include:

------Modification year for codes (New, Revised, Deleted)

------Medium length description (50 characters)

------Status Indicator

------Modifier Use Guideline Values

------Global Fee Days

In order to provide a correct quote and license format, we need to know about your intended use for our data file products. Please download, complete and sign our Data File Profile Form. Submission instructions are on the form.
We will review your completed and signed form within 3 business days from receipt and get back to you with pricing and license information. Pursuant to our licensing vendor agreements with the AMA, ADA, ASA and CMS, all data file sales require a signed Data File Profile Form.

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